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Unobtrusive dynamic select boxes, a simple way of creating dynamic select boxes without excluding noscript browsers.

Operators in JavaScript
Learn how to use operators to perform specific functions.

Introducing the ASP.NET Ajax Frameworks
Ajax is a popular technology that is used in many different ways on the World Wide Web. This article takes a brief look at the features of some of the more widely used ASP.NET Ajax frameworks.

JavaScript 1, 2, and in between The Future of Java.

The JavaScript Chronicles - Data Types
This week in "The JavaScript Chronicles" we cover JavaScript Data Types. There are a number of different types of data that JavaScript can work with and we're going to take a look at each one. Understanding each data type is of paramount importance when you begin to write more complex scripts that require the use of more than one type of data.

Using Dojo for Client-Side Validation
Client-side form validation is quick and reduces the load on the server. This tutorial explains how to use the Dojo JavaScript library for these types of validation in order to enhance your form processing.

Six JavaScript features we do not need any longer Do we need these functions?

Programming by Intent: Load Handler How can I know when the DOM is loaded? Learn how I approached this annoying problem by using an Event Adapter.



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